May 19, 2015

Bring on Summer! Creative DIY Fun in the Sun

Memorial Day weekend is just a couple of days away!  Can you say long weekend!!!  Gloray!!!!   Here are some Crafty Kreations DIY Creative Fun in the Sun Projects to get you ready to kick off summer!


I grabbed some flip flops and 2 scarves from Dollar Store to make some easy wrap sandals in less than 5 minutes.  The great thing about this craft is you can interchange the scarves for a variety of looks, wear the scarves and flip flops separately; and even better, it will only cost you $3 tops for a comfortable and fashionable pair of sandals.  I decided to be festive and use red, white and blue to celebrate Memorial Day. 
2 Scarves and Flip Flops from the Dollar Store
Wrap the scarf around the top of the flip flop.  

Twist the scarf around both sides the flip flop by just wrapping it around.

Twist tight enough for your toes to be able to comfortably slip through.  

 Voila!  Put your flip flops - turned strappy sandals on and wrap the scarf around your ankles and tie.  


Carrying on with our theme of steppin in style this summer, I DIY'd some canvas shoes, taking them from boring and bleak, to sparkly and chic.  

 Purchased some basic canvas shoes from Dollar General for $6 and fabric markers from the Dollar Store for $1.
Using the pink fabric marker, I simply colored over the original stitching on the shoes.  

I have a mild obsession with gold glitter, so I painted the tip of the shoe with mod podge and covered it with gold glitter.  
I followed the same steps for the back of the shoes as well.  As the glitter was drying, I used the black fabric marker and stripped the shoelaces for an additional pop of creativity.  Another idea is to color the entire shoelace or dye them.  

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Not just T-shirts!  Kharismatic Kreations also prints customized water bottles.  During the summer months it is important to stay hydrated.  Why not make it a personal goal with a personalized water bottle?  I took a plain mason jar style water bottle and made it my own with permanent adhesive vinyl.  Added my own polka dots too!  

May 6, 2015

Naturally Crafty Mothers - DIY Gifts for the Woman Who Created You

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts hold a sentimental value for years to come, even after your little ones grow into adults with children of their own.  Just ask my mother, who enjoys rummaging through her treasure chest of memories as a simple reminder that at one period in time I was just her little girl.  Here are a few quick, affordable, and easy DIY gifts so simple a 5 year old can do them. 


Kids can make custom buttons for mom, Grandma or Godmommy to wear on Mother’s Day for as low as $2.50.  I purchased Creatology Buttons from Michael’s Craft Stores for $1.99 a bag.   They come in a variety of sizes and depending on the size you can get up to 4 buttons per bag.  The largest size is 3 ½ inch buttons which come 3 per bag. allows you to design and print your buttons free of charge.  There are size options to choose from and you are able to save your designs to use at a later time.  The Designer allows you to upload a photo to display on the button, or you can print out the circular shape and have your little one write a note or hand drawn picture.

Decorated Flower Pot or Vase Mother’s Day and Flowers go hand in hand.  Why not give her a sentimental flower pot that will last longer than the flowers.  And, you can continue to buy her flowers throughout the year to keep it filled.  I scored these flower pots from the $1 Spot at Target and had a little creative fun with my little one.  There are countless ways in which you can decorate the flower pots:  apply fabric, glitter, glue, adhesive vinyl, washi tape, paint, etc…
So easy a 5 year old can do it...and she did!  

Custom T-Shirt or Apron
I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention custom shirts and apparel as a great gift for Mom for Mother’s Day.  Using a professional heat press you can apply photos to a shirt and any text.   Click here to learn more about professional heat press printing.  To try this at home, you could simply purchase over the counter heat transfer paper from Walmart, Target, Home Depot or Staples, print your image using your home printer, and iron it directly on the shirt or apron.  However, the shirt may or may not be as durable as using a professional heat press. 

Have a Happy Mother's Day!