Sep 25, 2015

Frugal Fall Wreaths

During our monthly Youth Activities volunteer time with the children of Sarah’s Hope Shelter, we celebrated the coming of Fall by making Frugal Fall Wreaths.  This craft is super simple and affordable, and with a little creative twist, I made it fun and exciting. 

To start, I printed off an Autumn Scavenger Hunt list.  This made the activity more interactive as the kids had to take a nature walk around the park, collecting items on the list that would serve as materials for their craft.  So the more items collected, the more options they would have.  It was like an Easter egg hunt, but fall inspired. 

Before meeting with kids, I grabbed a pack of fall themed paper plates from the Dollar Store and cut out a circle in the middle to form the base of the wreaths.  Additionally, I purchased some ribbon to hang the wreaths. 

Once the kids finished their scavenger hunt, they brought their materials back to the craft table and applied them to the paper plate wreath cut-outs using glue and tape.  Some kids went a little over board with the glue.  It was a free fall for all!  
It's no secret that I love glitter so I hand some on had to add an additional touch of sparkle.  A fun, frugal, fall craft that won't break the bank.