Oct 1, 2016

Halloween or Halloscreen?

Can you believe it’s October already!  Time for pumpkin flavored everything, candy corns and Halloween!  I’m not as big on Halloween as I am for other holidays like Christmas and Easter, but I do enjoy the amount of creativity that people put into their costumes.  And even if you haven’t tapped into your creativity, or your budget is just tapped, there are easy, unique and affordable ways to dress up for Halloween simply by printing or decorating t-shirts.  Here are a few ideas pulled from the net.

Do you speak emoji?  Let your costume speak for itself.    

Maybe you're plain or a little nutty.  Either way your costume will be easy and sweet.  

Jack & Coke
Beyonce is not the only one Drunk in Love.  

Charlie Brown
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! turns 50 this year.  The original cartoon premiered on television October 27, 1966.  

7 Dwarfs
Which dwarf best represents your personality?  

What are your costume plans for Halloween?  Kharismatic Kreations, LLC can assist with printing your costume.  Email orders@kharismatick.com.  

Aug 22, 2016

Fall Into Creativity!

School’s back in session.  Most vacations have ended.  Your work commute and traffic is a nightmare once again.  Yup, Fall is rapidly approaching.  And with it comes cooler temps, shorter days, and longer nights.  But don’t fret just yet, you can still Fall Into Your Creativity with these simple tips from Entreprenuer.com. I’m going to give them a try for myself.
  1. Wake up Early.  I am not and I repeat NOT A MORNING PERSON!  I’m not particularly a night owl either.  My juices start to really get going around 10 AM, and oftentimes throughout the night I may wake up with a creative idea that I’ll jot down or type into my phone before going right back to bed.  According to Entrepreneur.com, the trick is to get up early every day, avoid naps throughout the day, and stick to it. 
  2. Exercise Frequently.  Once upon a time I had a gym membership.  But I found that I was hardly going do to an increase in shirt orders and responsibilities.  Not only for creativity purposes, but for health purposes, I will incorporate exercise into my routine.  Starting off small with walking and a few free yoga classes in the community. 
  3. Stick to a Strict Schedule.  One would imagine that a creative mind is all over the place with no direction.  Although I juggle many thoughts in my head, I really am a planner.  The problem is sticking to the schedules and plans that I have established.  This Fall my goal will be to make it stick. 
  4. Keep Your Day Job.  According to Entrepreneur.com, “Day jobs provide more than the much-needed financial security to create freely. They also add structure to your day that can make your creative time a wonderful release.”  Sometimes it feels as if my day job gets in the way of my business and creative inspiration, because of the time required for me to be there.  But it provides financial security – something less I would have to stress about, and in many cases an opportunity for me to learn more for my own business. 
  5. Learn to work anywhere, anytime.  It was nice to learn that Steve Jobs started Apple in his Mom’s garage.  J.K. Rolling, author of Harry Potter began writing her first book on a napkin sitting on a train; and Kevin Plank, owner of Under Armour, started in a little row house in D.C.  Kharismatic Kreations started out in my parent’s basement.  Half of my production now resides in my 2 bedroom condo and the other half still in my parent’s basement with hopes of moving into a bigger space Summer 2017.  Do not let space and/or financial limitations limit your creativity.  Make it work. 
  6. Learn that creative blocks are just procrastination.  “As long as your heart is still beating, you have the ability to come up with new ideas and execute them. They may not always be great ones, but the greatest enemy of creativity is inactivity.” Entreprenuer.com  Over the years Kharismatic Kreations has continued to evolve – from various t-shirt designs and custom printing options, to the Kharismatic Karavan Mobile Boutique, and now our new branded YouTube channel So Kharismatic!  Creativity is evolution.  When you fail to create, you fail to grow.  So Fall into Your Creativity!

May 26, 2016

Screen Your Thoughts

Ever wonder what people would think if they could hear all of the conversations that take place in your mind?  Well, if you’ve purchased a Kharismatic Kreations shirt you’ve worn a few of my thoughts. 

I’m a proud introvert with extrovert tendencies.  Some people may categorize introverts as shy with little or nothing to say – which is completely false.  The introvert personality type is very observant, imaginative and creative.  “Introverts process everything in their surroundings and pay attention to all the sensory details in the environment, not just the people.  This means that introverts have an active dialogue with themselves and usually walk around with many thoughts in their minds.” ~ Liz Fossilien and Mollie West.  Many of my design ideas are thoughts that dance around in my mind day and night, anytime, anyplace.  Often times they are based off of conversations, feelings and experiences that I have had.  Sometimes it’s a song that I may sing in the shower that sparks a shirt design idea, or current events in pop culture may inspire a design.  I’m going to walk you through the backstory of a couple of Kharismatic Kreations’ popular product designs.

Image courtesy of http://www.quietrev.com/6-illustrations-that-show-what-its-like-in-an-introverts-head/

Many of my designs are positive and inspirational which is consistent with our definition of Kharisma, a personal attractiveness that enables you to inspire others.  

Jesus Gives Me Life!
If you are a fan of the Braxtons or the WeTV show “Braxton Family Values,” I’m sure you’ve heard Tamar Braxton say, “Get Your Life!”  Or, you may have heard one of your girls say something like, “Those shoes are giving me life!”  Giving me life defined by Urban Dictionary (so you know it’s real) is anything you got excited or pumped about; anything that makes you laugh emphatically.  I put my own spin on the popular phrase to come up with Jesus Gives Me Life!  
  1. It’s a biblical fact that Jesus came to gives us life and give it abundantly, John 10:10.  
  2. I get excited and pumped about Jesus, so yes, He is giving me life!

T-shirt and Jeans Type of Girl
I was having a conversation with one of my childhood friends talking about the #mompreneur time management struggle and the need for her personal stylist to assess my clothing inventory so I could get my sexy back, lol.  I was explaining how I don’t have time to shop for comfortable and chic clothes that I can jump into on the go.  I remember saying to her, “I’m a t-shirt and jeans type of girl.”  And that’s how this simplistic design was thought of.  

iPray therefore iSlay
Okay ladies now let’s get in formation!  I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard Beyonce’s song, or should I say political movement, “Formation,” which was the inspiration behind this shirt.  The only difference is the formation that I’m referencing in this design is on your knees in prayer.  "I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you.” Matthew 18:19.  So I’ll say it again….Okay ladies now let’s get in formation!  I pray therefore I slay self-doubt, poverty, fear, sickness…etc. 

Fueled by Faith
Purchasing, overhauling and launching the Kharismatic Karavan Mobile Boutique was a faith walk that inspired this shirt design.  Read more about the journey in our last post.  But after the launch and by the grace of God, Kharismatic business picked up and with lack of sleep and a few missed meals because I didn’t have time to sit and eat, I was/am literally fueled by faith.  In my mind I would ask, "How am I going to get all of this done?  How is it all working out?"  But 2 Corinthians 5:7 says “For we walk by faith and not by sight.”  This design is a declaration.  

All of these designs plus more can be found on the Kharismatic Karavan Mobile Boutique.  Different varieties are available at every stop.  Text #KharismaInMotion to 31966 to access our calendar.  Kharismatic Kreations, LLC offers design assistance for custom orders free of charge up to 3 proofs in our all-inclusive pricing.  

Apr 25, 2016

Kharismatic Karavan: How I Put My #KharismaInMotion

For the past year, I have been working toward the goal of opening a mobile boutique, and on Sunday, April 24th the Kharismatic Karavan launched at Over Accessorized, the biggest girls night out event in the DMV.

The Kharismatic Karavan is a labor of love and true test of faith.  When I first started looking at potential buses and vans, I remember my father saying to me, "I don't know where you're going to get all of this money?"  And my response was, "I don't know either."  But I didn't let the unknown stop me.  I had been thinking of opening a mobile boutique for at least two years and since I put it out in the atmosphere sometime in May 2015, I was not going to take it back.  I started a crowdfunding campaign and raised some funds from close family members, and I increased my exposure and efforts by participating in more vendor and community events - slowly putting a few dollars away here and there.  So when it was time to actually purchase the bus, I had a few dollars tucked away.

After seeing an ad on Craigslist, my parents and I went out to take a look at a bus in Severn, Maryland that used to be a mobile massage parlor.  The fact that the bus was already gutted and all of the seats were removed and there was flooring in place made the bus appealing.  And when the current owner brought the price down to just $1,500 I was sold.  On January 16, 2016 I took a leap of faith and purchased the bus that I would turn into the Kharismatic Karavan.  I called Katie Marie, owner of Over Accessorized a week later and asked if I could launch at her amazing event which was originally scheduled for April 30th.  I did not even consider the amount of work or time it would take to literally get #KharismaInMotion, but I knew from previous experience that this event would be a great launching pad.  Katie was more than willing to share her platform - just one of the many qualities I admire most about her.  Confirming with her also gave me a date to strive for, which was eventually moved up a week.  And then there was the blizzard that crippled the Baltimore metro area.  The city and production on the Kharismatic Karavan was at a stand still for at least two weeks and April seemed as if it was right around the corner.

The bus needed a lot of TLC, all mechanical stuff that was like a foreign language to me.  Spark plugs, carburetor, oil change, and some other things I can 't remember let alone spell.   I'm blessed with a loving and devoted father who knows a thing or two about cars.  He ordered parts and worked on the truck and contacted mechanics to outsource some of the things he couldn't find or handle.  He also laid down new flooring in the bus.  There were quite a few breakdowns and set backs in between purchasing the bus and launching.  My father would call me and say, "You need this..." and "It cost this..."  And I would just say, "Ok."  I was not going to back out.  God had brought me too far to walk away from it all and I was trusting Him while I worked my full time job and took on more shirt orders, putting my earnings toward the Karavan.  

A close friend of the family put me in contact with Brian, owner of Eclipse Tinting. Brian does auto, commercial, and residential tinting, as well as car graphics and decals.  I gave Brian a sketch of how I envisioned the Kharismatic Karavan and just two weeks before Over Accessorized, he was able to replicate my sketch.

Now with it's new look and new floors, the Kharismatic Karavan needed merchandise.  Kharismatic Kreations specializes in printed apparel so of course it would be featured in the Kharismatic Karavan.  Additionally, one of the goals of the Kharismatic Karavan is to use the gift of creativity to inspire and provide a platform for others - just as Katie provided a platform for me.  In addition to printed apparel from Kharismatic Kreations, the Kharismatic Karavan will feature the work of another small businesses, artist or crafter.  Bay's Buttons and Bows was featured for our launch event.  Keaira Cooke is the owner.  She creates cute button earrings, bow ties and head pieces.  She's also a blooming photographer.  We did a quick promo photoshoot in a parking lot just 24 hours before Over Accessorized.  We literally pulled everything together down to the wire!
Over Accessorized and the launch of the Kharismatic Karavan was a huge success.  So many lessons were learned during this faith walk.

  1. Loose control and trust God - I'm a bit of a control freak.  Oftentimes I have to remind myself that God is ultimately in control and not me.  There were so many moments where I didn't know the who, what, when, and how.  And every time I tried to figure it out myself it seemed to get worse.  But those moments when I let it go and left it up to God to work out, the pieces of the puzzle eventually were put into place.
  2. Patience - I had to work around the schedule of everyone who was on board and helping me.  I just knew I wanted something done and I wanted it done now!  But it doesn't work like that.  
  3. Faith over Fear - Fear is the enemy's greatest weapon.  It's a battle of the mind.  One of my fears is not being able to provide for my daughter.  That fear could have stopped me from investing money into the Kharismatic Karavan.  Every time my father would call to inform me that I had to purchase something else I had to battle the fear.  It all goes back to lesson #1:  God is in control.  

Dec 23, 2015

Stress Less this Christmas

Is it just me or the closest we get to the Christmas holiday, the longer the gift list seems to miraculously grow.  Just when you thought you were done with your shopping it's, "Oh, what about my child's caregiver, teachers, the mail man...wait, the UPS man who delivers all of my Kharismatic Kreations supplies...hold up, I forgot the administrative assistants..."and the list goes on and on. Although we all sing and shout, "Jesus is the reason for the season," many of us are running around, struggling and stressing, trying to do last minute Christmas shopping for our ever growing gift list.  This year I decided to make gift giving full circle.  I'm using the gifts that I was blessed with to bless others, affordably, and I encourage you to do the same.

If you have a knack for crafts and DIY, use your creativity to make gifts like the Merry Mason Jars filled with chocolate covered pretzels I crafted for my daughter's teachers and before and after caregivers.  Or the gloves that I made for my co-workers.  If you are good at baking, bake some cookies or a cake for the mailman or the delivery person as I plan to do for the UPS man.  Hey, if you are good at singing, call a loved one who is sick and shut in or someone who hasn't heard your voice in a while and gift them a singing telegram/telephone call.  The point is, we all have gifts, and Christmas is the celebration of the most perfect and wonderful gift to mankind, the birth of Jesus Christ.  As I am trying to explain that to my five year old daughter who is more interested about the gifts that she is getting, I think that being a living example of what I am attempting to teach her will go further than me just singing, "Jesus is the reason for season."  It also allows us the opportunity to spend quality time crafting, baking, and thinking of thoughtful ways to spread joy to others - which is a gift within itself.

God did not send his only begotten son for us to live in bondage to debt.  He sent his son to set us free from sin, to give us peace, new hope and unfailing love.  Use the gifts that He has given you to give peace, hope and love to others.

Merry Christmas to all!  Peace and blessings ~ Kelli 

Dec 6, 2015

Gifts from the Heart are Golden

When I was a kid I remember my mother giving my sister and I a few dollars to buy Christmas gifts for our family and friends.  It wasn't a lot of money, and as we grew older we would put our money together for some big purchases that we wanted to make for those we loved the most.  This taught me three things:  one, gifts from the heart are the most valuable; two, it taught me the value of money and how to save and budget; and three, even if you do not have a lot of money, you can use your creativity to bring a smile to someone's face.  

This year as I am diligently saving for the Kharismatic Karavan, a mobile boutique by Kharismatic Kreations, my Christmas gift budget has been decreased, but my creativity has increased and I still want to share my blessings with others.  

A quick and affordable craft that you and your children can make for co-workers and/or friends are embellished gloves.  During the winter months everyone can use an extra pair of gloves on hand, so why not make them fashionable and personable.  Stretch gloves cost only $1 and can be found almost anywhere - Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, or your local craft store.  You can also purchase embellishments like rhinestones, gems, and bows at those stores.  If you have some mix match earrings, some brooches, or buttons, you can use them as embellishments instead of buying them.  Since Kharismatic Kreations does custom printing, I created my own custom embellishments.  I used the heat press to apply them directly onto the gloves. You can stitch or hot glue the ribbons and bows. You can do the same with a hat and make it a set.

There are many affordable ways to spread peace, love and Kharisma this holiday season.  Give the gift of creativity.

Happy Holidays!


Nov 15, 2015

Crafty Vendor Booth Display

Kharismatic Kreations often serves as a vendor at area events, selling t-shirts and spreading peace, love and kharisma along the way.  But when the host of OverAccessorized Girls Night Out, one the largest unique shopping experiences in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, gave vendors the green light to go all out and get crazy creative with vendor displays and set up (within the parameters of the event space of course); my creative light bulb started flashing and ideas started flowing. 

Kharismatic Kreations offers affordable, high quality custom printed shirts and gifts, using heat transfer printing and/or screen printing techniques.  For me, each shirt or creation is considered a work of art – a unique custom masterpiece, so I wanted my vendor booth and display to resemble an art gallery.   But not just any art gallery, I wanted it to have a pop art theme.  And it was only fitting that I focused on the work and style of Andy Warhol, one of the leading artist in the pop art movement who often used screen printing as a technique to create his famous masterpieces.    

Artistic Backdrop

First I needed a backdrop.  It had to be something compact that I could easily store and transport and I really didn’t want to have to put something together and break it down each time I had to use it.  So I set my mind on using a room divider, but where to get one fast and for an affordable price?  I searched the discount and bargain stores including the Goodwill, Ross, and TJ Max until I found a hidden gem in the youth department of Home Goods. 

It was easily foldable and could fit in my car, though it could have been a few inches taller, the height was suitable and at approximately five feet it could fit easily into my car.  But the color and princess detailing had to go.  It would have been very cute for a little girl’s room and my daughter probably would have loved it, but that was not the purpose I had in mind for it or the vision in my head.  But being short on time and cash I reluctantly purchased the room divider and thought of ways to transform it into the backdrop that I needed and envisioned.

I grabbed some chalkboard spray paint from Walmart and decided to cover the pink and princess detailing.  It took two full cans and two coats of spray paint to fully cover the pink princess room divider. 
Walmart also had these wired display racks on clearance for $1.00 each.  I spray painted them metallic gold and used them to hang my two Andy Warhol prints from Art.com:  the iconic Campbell’s Soup Can and famed Marilyn Monroe.  Using my logo, stock photo and help from a pop art photo filter app, I made my own version of a Warhol original to hang.

Directional Signage
I already have a banner with my business information on it to use for my table, but I wanted to some additional signage to point event attendees in my direction and creatively clarify what I am selling.  This idea literally popped in my head while going up and down the aisles at Walmart.  I purchased the directional chalk board at Walmart.  Because of my love for gold and glitter, I couldn’t resist adding my personal touch to the chalk board by outlining them with gold glitter. 

For the base of my sign, I used poster tube packaging and wrapping paper.  I wrapped the decorative paper tape around the tube to make a black and white chevron pole.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the chalk board signs to the poll.  I poured marbles in the tubing to give it some additional weight and added a flower from my house to the top of the tube for an additional creative touch, and to close the whole at the top.