Feb 6, 2015

Kells Chic Crafting Corner

Printing for Kharismatic Kreations and the majority of the Crafty Kreations are done outside of my home.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because I have access to a space that is perfect for screen printing and available to me free of charge.  It’s a curse because every now and then creativity strikes in the comfort of my own home and the majority of my supplies are over in the print studio, or I just don’t have the space in my home to craft…until now.

Scrolling through Pinterest, I’ve seen all kinds of ideas for reading nooks.  I thought instead of a reading nook, what if I created a crafting corner in my bedroom?  So when the creative light decides to shine on my thoughts, I can immediately bring them into fruition.  I created my budget friendly, chic crafting corner using items I already had around the house.

Using Microsoft Word, I easily created wall art by printing my design on cardstock, and taking it to the old school by applying Elmer's glue to the letters and sprinkling it with glitter.

Everyone has used or seen the red dixie cups.  They're even featured in Beyonce's 7 Eleven video, "don't you drop that alcohol.."  No alcohol here, only glitter!  I applied Mod Podge to the cups and rolled them in glitter.  Stick a thumbtack through the inside and stick it to the wall. Makes for a great utensil holder.  

To tie everything together, I applied glitter to a clipboard that I got from the $1 Spot at Target.  

I already had an old, desk chair.  But is was a bit dirty and blah.  I upcycled it, making it cute and girly.

I used old nighties to turn my chair from blah to oh la la.  For the bottom of the chair, I simply pulled the gown over the chair and cut off the access fabric.  I glued down any remaining fabric under the seat.

For the top of the chair, I pulled the gown back and tied a bow.
The great thing about this approach is if the chair gets dirty, of if I get bored with the design, I can just remove the covering and start all over with a fresh new look.

I added a throw pillow for some extra posh appeal.  Viola! A Betsy Johnson inspired craft chair.

Feb 2, 2015

The Woman Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

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Kharismatic Kreations and Crafty Kreations met and created a love child.  Custom printing was done on a sweatshirt.  Add in an extra dose of love by cutting felt fabric and stitching it to arms of the shirt; makes for an uber cute shirt that celebrates love.

#DIYfly Shirt Skirt

My dresser drawer was overflowing with shirts and tops that I have not worn in years.  Instead of throwing them all away, I went through the pile and decided to repurpose a shirt to make a totally different fashion statement.  It was so simple and I didn't have to sew a single stitch!  

Started off with an old striped fitted shirt.  It already had pockets to it so that was an added bonus.  

Using my handy liquid stitch (love this stuff!), I sealed the arms of the shirt.  

Cut the inside label off and put the shirt on upside down.