Nov 9, 2014

Thankful For Family Table Cover

Each year my parents host a Christmas Eve dinner where all of our families gather for a moment of food, fun, and fellowship.  My mother loves pictures, and often our Christmas Eve dinner turns into impromptu photoshoots.  But it's the only time all of our family and friends, and I mean ALL, are gathered together under one roof at the same time so I don't blame her for taking advantage of the photo opportunities.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family; and as we are all gearing up for the holiday - planning menus, invite lists, and tablescapes, I decided to do a little Crafty Kreations table runner for my mother using all of the photos that she takes during our annual Christmas Eve dinner.

This project is really simple.  You can sew your own fabric cover using any material that you want.  I cheated and purchased one from Hobby Lobby.  Next, all you have to do is gather pictures.  Pretty easy right!  You can print the pictures on store brought heat transfer paper and iron them directly onto your table cover.  Since Kharismatic Kreations is a professional, high-quality, custom printing company, I used a commercial heat press and transfer material.  You can add as many or as few pictures as you like.  You can also add in quotes and sayings or other design elements.   For this particular project, I'm doing a collage of family photos, and leaving a little room for our growing family and the new additions soon to come.  See how the table runner is coming together in the pictures below.

Are you planning a tablescape or fancy table settings for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Share your pics with us!

Nov 1, 2014

To Much is Given, Much is Required

I have been blessed with the gift of creativity.  It is what I enjoy doing.   Creativity excites me.  It calms my moods, helps me to escape, communicates my emotions, and expresses my individuality. Not getting too deep or intellectual:  the word Charisma or Charismatic (the creative rebel in me spelled it with a k) means a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others; or from its Greek origin, charisma is favor with which one receives without any merit of their own/the gift of divine grace.  I have been given a gift.  And to much is given, much is required.  Blending the gift of creativity with community involvement, Kharismatic Kreations is partnering with Sarah’s Hope at Hannah More Shelter as a Youth Activities Volunteer. 

 What is Sarah’s Hope at Hanna Moore Shelter?
Sarah’s Hope is a United Way Organization under the St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore umbrella providing 24-hour emergency shelter to homeless women and children in a safe, nurturing, trauma-informed environment where families receive comprehensive, stabilization services.  In addition to addressing the families’ basic needs, residents are provided a comprehensive program that supports families moving from homeless to housing within 120 days. 

What is the role Youth Activities Volunteer?
Youth Activities Volunteers provide constructive activities for the children of Sarah’s Hope from arts and crafts to planning outdoor activities.  Youth activities allow the mothers to attend evening Adult Enrichment classes.

Why Sarah’s Hope?
Currently I am a single mother, and although I have never had to deal with homelessness, I can understand and sympathize with mothers who are working hard and doing their best to provide for their children; to make sure they have a loving home, proper education, and nourishment – against all odds.  By serving as the Youth Activities Volunteer, I am freeing up time for the women of Sarah’s Hope to attend enrichment classes that will help them pursue their dreams and create the life that they want for themselves and their children.  It’s all so familiar to me because that is what I am doing with Kharismatic Kreations – pursuing my dreams and creating the life I want for myself and my daughter.  I repeat, “To much is given, much is required.”   
Now that we are in the month of November with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, many of us will be filled with grateful hearts and the spirit of giving.  There are many ways that you can give to Sarah’s Hope.  If you are interested in joining us during Youth Activities please email  You can also give by supplying any of the items on the holiday wish list below. 

Got Kharisma?  Share this with your social circle and help someone else in need today!