Oct 23, 2015

Trick or Treat T-shirt Tote (Say that 3 times!)

On a recent visit to Sarah’s Hope Hannah Moore Shelter, Kharismatic Kreations used some old sample prints and misprinted shirts to create Halloween Trick of Treat Tshirt Tote Bags for youth activities.  During my Summer of Yes, I created a t-shirt tote bag that I used on vacation, but for this particular youth activity, we tricked the t-shirt tote bag so that the kids can fill them with treats for their Halloween Trunk or Treat event.

We started by using black misprinted shirts as our canvas to make the t-shirt tote bags.  Then using the colored test print shirts, we cut out shapes to glue designs onto the tote bags.  I had stickers, flowers and other decorations on hand, just in case some kids did not celebrate Halloween and just wanted to make a tote bag.  This activity was a hit and affordable!