Jun 12, 2015

Celebrating Grads & Dads

It's June!  Time to celebrate!

My Mini the Graduate!

My daughter recently completed the Pre-K program at her Early Learning Center and they celebrated with a graduation including mini caps and gowns and everything.  Being the crafty, Kharismatic Mommy that I am, I just had to put a special touch on the occasion.  After getting the green light from the Center Director, I used permanent adhesive vinyl to decorate Kenedi's cap, making it a keepsake item for years to come.  I just traced her hand on the back of the vinyl and cut it out by hand with scissors.  For the words, I used a professional vinyl cutter.  I made sure to include the date so that we could mark the moment in time.

To make the moment extra special for her and those who attended, I made #TeamKenedi buttons with her graduation picture on them and the graduation date, so all who attended received a keepsake item of their own.  And because I'm Kenedi's #1 Fan, of course I had to make a special t-shirt for myself.   

Join me in saying Congratulations Kenedi and all Class of 2015 Graduates!!!!