Oct 1, 2016

Halloween or Halloscreen?

Can you believe it’s October already!  Time for pumpkin flavored everything, candy corns and Halloween!  I’m not as big on Halloween as I am for other holidays like Christmas and Easter, but I do enjoy the amount of creativity that people put into their costumes.  And even if you haven’t tapped into your creativity, or your budget is just tapped, there are easy, unique and affordable ways to dress up for Halloween simply by printing or decorating t-shirts.  Here are a few ideas pulled from the net.

Do you speak emoji?  Let your costume speak for itself.    

Maybe you're plain or a little nutty.  Either way your costume will be easy and sweet.  

Jack & Coke
Beyonce is not the only one Drunk in Love.  

Charlie Brown
It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! turns 50 this year.  The original cartoon premiered on television October 27, 1966.  

7 Dwarfs
Which dwarf best represents your personality?  

What are your costume plans for Halloween?  Kharismatic Kreations, LLC can assist with printing your costume.  Email orders@kharismatick.com.  

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