Nov 15, 2015

Crafty Vendor Booth Display

Kharismatic Kreations often serves as a vendor at area events, selling t-shirts and spreading peace, love and kharisma along the way.  But when the host of OverAccessorized Girls Night Out, one the largest unique shopping experiences in the Baltimore Metropolitan area, gave vendors the green light to go all out and get crazy creative with vendor displays and set up (within the parameters of the event space of course); my creative light bulb started flashing and ideas started flowing. 

Kharismatic Kreations offers affordable, high quality custom printed shirts and gifts, using heat transfer printing and/or screen printing techniques.  For me, each shirt or creation is considered a work of art – a unique custom masterpiece, so I wanted my vendor booth and display to resemble an art gallery.   But not just any art gallery, I wanted it to have a pop art theme.  And it was only fitting that I focused on the work and style of Andy Warhol, one of the leading artist in the pop art movement who often used screen printing as a technique to create his famous masterpieces.    

Artistic Backdrop

First I needed a backdrop.  It had to be something compact that I could easily store and transport and I really didn’t want to have to put something together and break it down each time I had to use it.  So I set my mind on using a room divider, but where to get one fast and for an affordable price?  I searched the discount and bargain stores including the Goodwill, Ross, and TJ Max until I found a hidden gem in the youth department of Home Goods. 

It was easily foldable and could fit in my car, though it could have been a few inches taller, the height was suitable and at approximately five feet it could fit easily into my car.  But the color and princess detailing had to go.  It would have been very cute for a little girl’s room and my daughter probably would have loved it, but that was not the purpose I had in mind for it or the vision in my head.  But being short on time and cash I reluctantly purchased the room divider and thought of ways to transform it into the backdrop that I needed and envisioned.

I grabbed some chalkboard spray paint from Walmart and decided to cover the pink and princess detailing.  It took two full cans and two coats of spray paint to fully cover the pink princess room divider. 
Walmart also had these wired display racks on clearance for $1.00 each.  I spray painted them metallic gold and used them to hang my two Andy Warhol prints from  the iconic Campbell’s Soup Can and famed Marilyn Monroe.  Using my logo, stock photo and help from a pop art photo filter app, I made my own version of a Warhol original to hang.

Directional Signage
I already have a banner with my business information on it to use for my table, but I wanted to some additional signage to point event attendees in my direction and creatively clarify what I am selling.  This idea literally popped in my head while going up and down the aisles at Walmart.  I purchased the directional chalk board at Walmart.  Because of my love for gold and glitter, I couldn’t resist adding my personal touch to the chalk board by outlining them with gold glitter. 

For the base of my sign, I used poster tube packaging and wrapping paper.  I wrapped the decorative paper tape around the tube to make a black and white chevron pole.  I used my hot glue gun to attach the chalk board signs to the poll.  I poured marbles in the tubing to give it some additional weight and added a flower from my house to the top of the tube for an additional creative touch, and to close the whole at the top.  

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