Dec 6, 2015

Gifts from the Heart are Golden

When I was a kid I remember my mother giving my sister and I a few dollars to buy Christmas gifts for our family and friends.  It wasn't a lot of money, and as we grew older we would put our money together for some big purchases that we wanted to make for those we loved the most.  This taught me three things:  one, gifts from the heart are the most valuable; two, it taught me the value of money and how to save and budget; and three, even if you do not have a lot of money, you can use your creativity to bring a smile to someone's face.  

This year as I am diligently saving for the Kharismatic Karavan, a mobile boutique by Kharismatic Kreations, my Christmas gift budget has been decreased, but my creativity has increased and I still want to share my blessings with others.  

A quick and affordable craft that you and your children can make for co-workers and/or friends are embellished gloves.  During the winter months everyone can use an extra pair of gloves on hand, so why not make them fashionable and personable.  Stretch gloves cost only $1 and can be found almost anywhere - Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, or your local craft store.  You can also purchase embellishments like rhinestones, gems, and bows at those stores.  If you have some mix match earrings, some brooches, or buttons, you can use them as embellishments instead of buying them.  Since Kharismatic Kreations does custom printing, I created my own custom embellishments.  I used the heat press to apply them directly onto the gloves. You can stitch or hot glue the ribbons and bows. You can do the same with a hat and make it a set.

There are many affordable ways to spread peace, love and Kharisma this holiday season.  Give the gift of creativity.

Happy Holidays!


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